The Bill Belichick vs Tom Brady debate is not looking good for Bill: why he was right not to offer a contract to Brady.

For all the people that said Belichick was the reason the Patriots won there six Superbowls and Brady is just a good system quarterback are looking pretty dumb right now.

The Patriots finished 7–9 had the worst passing offence in the league and missed the playoffs for the first time since Brady went out with a season ending knee injury in 2008. …

If your reading this you've probably been there “I’m going to start running”. You put on a new running outfit and lace up those new shoes. “This time will be different” you say to yourself. Your plan is to run Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Maybe take the weekend off and get back at it on Monday.

You put your headphones on and off you go! You pass your neighbors house maybe give a wave if someones outside. At this point everything is going to plan and your feeling pretty damn good!

You start running faster and think I can keep…

I’ll make this sort and to the point. I’ve always used the latest and greatest razor available. The issue being how expensive these razors and refill cartridges cost.

While listening to Clark Howard a number of years ago. A listener of his show called in and had a genius way of getting up to a year of use our of a single razor. Even Clark himself was skeptical until he tried it.

I’ve been using this “hack” for 6 or 7 years and it has no doubt saved me hundreds of dollars. I would go through one razor roughly every…

Why are old video games so freaking difficult to beat? This thing comes pre-loaded with 20 classic Super Nintendo games with a bonus game of Star Fox 2 which was never released.


This thing is bleeping miniature! It’s a mini replica of the original 16-bit Super Nintendo. It even allows you to save spots for each game!

Jason Monk

I'm a simple guy. I'm a husband and a father of a sassy 5 year old! I'm a home owner and a recovering running addict!

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